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Core Values

Sullivan Shipping combines maritime traditions with modern business requirements.

Trust is key to maritime success. Sullivan Shipping places four core values, underpinned by trust, at the heart of every business decision.

Our four core values:

Long Term Vision

We’re maritime people who connect and innovate together. We believe in the power that long-term business relationships have, and we always look to develop and grow alongside our clients, principles and partners.


We communicate with clarity and transparency. We nurture strong bonds of trust, and pride ourselves in being open and honest with our principles, clients, and each other.


Sitting at the heart of everything we do, quality stems from the competencies of our people and continues through the ethical values embedded in our business culture. We further recognise that we have a responsibility towards our environment and our society and actively work together with our principals and partners towards sustainable solutions.

Team Work

Quality work is achieved with quality teamwork. By working together in a collaborative and supportive way we can develop together, maintaining strong relationships within the team and with our principles, clients and partners.

Old traditional maltese boat called Luzzu Old traditional maltese boat called Luzzu